Hey everyone!! Let me explain something to everyone so there is no confusion.  I am new to the blogging world, but I have been taking pictures of my nails for a long time now so I will be posting all of my older manis as well as new manis.  Therefore, you will see different lengths frequently.  Also, I do not have a good camera so I just use my phone…until I manage to get a good camera one day…applying for med school has been eating up my funds.  Well alright, enough of that, let’s get to the nails!!

This is Jindie Nails Moon Walk LE (3 coats).  It has a hot pink (camera washes the color out a bit) jelly base with large, medium, and small circle glitters in silver and black as well as black and silver moon glitters.  I believe the silver is holo, but it was hard for me to tell since the hot pink jelly covers the holo a bit.  There is also a fine silver shimmer in the jelly base as well.  I have the smaller bottle and I had to fish for the bigger glitters, but with small bottles this is always the case.  It applies very smoothly like most Jindie Nail polishes normally do and I simply used a coat of HK Girl as my top coat to smooth it out.  I used one coat of Nailtek II Intensive Therapy as my base coat and I did not have any staining after removal.  Removal was slightly difficult due to the glitter like all glitter polishes, but I also forgot to add an undercoat of Picture Polish Revolution glitter base which is a step I usually add if I am wearing a glitter polish.